Pentaho – Open Source BI Platform

pentaho business intelligenceRoland Bouman heeft bekeken hoe goed het open source Business Intelligence (BI) platform Pentaho is. Roland is een ervaren BI professional bij InterAccess, dus zijn mening hjeeft wel enige waarde.

“Clearly, it reveals the ambition of being a top notch BI platform – not just the umpteenth tool. It integrates virtually all of the functionalities associated with BI Projects (ETL, Reporting, Graphing, OLAP, Business Rules Integration, Bursting, Output Formatting for Excel/PDF/Web, Dashboarding) with a workflow engine (Shark) and this really offers an edge.
Pentaho claims that traditional BI usually fails because the perspective of what entails a solution to a business process is just too narrow. A typical BI solution is a product like a report or a datawarehouse – period, end of story. The people behind Pentaho take a more organic view…”
Lees meer op Roland’s blog.